Retinal Photography

“We use the best technology to give you the best eye care”


If you’ve ever had an eye exam before, do you remember the part where the optometrist shines a bright light in your eyes?

That’s to look at the back of your eye and to check your overall health. Did you know that when we do this, we are often able to pick up serious conditions like diabetes, glaucoma and high blood pressure? The optometrist uses a specialist, torch-like instrument called an ophthalmoscope to look at the back of your eyes and to check out the overall health your eyes, as well as scanning for other issues.

But staring into a bright light for too long can be unpleasant for anyone.

That’s why we offer retinal photography, a sophisticated process that helps us look at the inside of your eye. This latest, cutting-edge service is able to take a photograph of the back of your eye in a matter of milliseconds. The procedure is completely painless.

With the unique image of the inside of your eye, our qualified optometrists, Zoe and Graham will be able to make an accurate assessment of your vision and health. Just occasionally such examinations have even shown up certain brain tumours. We can often also detect high cholesterol and risk of strokes.

Our optometrists will explain exactly what they see and answer any of your questions. But, remember, it is unlikely to be anything serious. Usually it’s just a case of checking, monitoring and reassuring. We can even email an image of your eye to you wish.

We think this technology is exciting and important, which is why it’s part of our service to you. It’s another side of our commitment to offer you the highest possible quality care.

Booking your eye examination with us couldn’t be easier. Simply call us on 01322 223113 and speak to a member of our friendly team. Alternatively you can visit our Book an appointment page and we’ll do all the hard work for you.

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