“It’s not just about your specs. It’s about what you do with them”


If you play sports, you might want special specs to enhance your performance or just to make you more comfortable. After all, when you’re heading out for a morning run or ready to hit the perfect ball down the fairway, you don’t want to be worrying about your glasses slipping off.

Lots of people think just one pair of specs will do for every situation. But we believe you need eyewear made for what you do. After all, you could play football in plimsolls or brogues, but you would be more comfortable in football boots, wouldn’t you? It’s exactly the same with your glasses.

Consultation is at the heart of what we do. We like to listen and ask you questions about where and how you’ll use your glasses. By finding out about your needs, we can create something that really works for you – whether that’s a wraparound style, so you can reach for that hockey ball without worrying about your glasses sliding off, or a tint to stop the sun’s glare as you serve the perfect tennis ace. We’ll give you the best advice.

We cater for all kinds of sports, from cycling and running to skiing, and even swimming with prescription goggles.

Just recently a trainer from the famous Bisley shooting range came into our practice. He needed a pair of specs that would help him with his sighting – something for both near and far sight. We asked him to bring in his pistol, so we could get the perfect idea of his needs (of course, we did it on a day when we weren’t going to scare any of our other customers!). By looking at exactly what this sportsman did and listening to his answers, we were able to tailor a pair of specs that delighted him.

We’re also aware of the needs of our younger clients. Maybe you have a child who loves dancing or football? Have you considered a pair of sports specs for them? After all, you could be nurturing the latest Andy Murray or Jessica Ennis-Hill. We’d love your youngsters to feel confident and comfortable in their eyewear whatever situation they’re in.

Whatever your sports and specs needs, we’d be happy to help you. Just come in and talk to us. We want to make glasses that work for you, whether you’re shooting, sky-diving, skiing or doing your favourite sport.

Booking your eye examination with us couldn’t be easier. Simply call us on 01322 223113 and speak to a member of our friendly team. Alternatively you can visit our Book an appointment page and we’ll do all the hard work for you.

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